A final US SECRET security clearance is required to attend JDTC instruction (IAW Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Instruction 6731.01B).  Interim SECRET security clearances are not sufficient.  Please contact the JDTC Registrar with any questions or concerns.


  1. All students and visitors to Joint Deployment Training Center (JDTC) Ft Eustis, VA, must have their security manager submit a visit authorization request on their behalf using the Defense Information System for Security (DISS) a minimum of 14-days prior to their expected visit.  Personnel without access to DISS refer paragraph 5 below.
  2. Use Security Management Office (SMO) Code DDJ0214, (or DDJ0212 for SCI).  JDTC part of Joint Staff/DoD Complex Hampton Roads/Tidewater/Suffolk, VA.  Complete address will appear as JSSO-HR DDJ0214-1 or JSSO-HR DDJ0212-1.  The “-1” indicates the HR location and is not usually required.  JDTC POC: Dr. Daniel Walker, DSN 826-1821 or 757-878-1821.  If attending multiple classes, include entire time period in same request.
    1. Personnel assigned to organizations supported by Joint Staff Hampton Roads are not required to submit visit authorization request.
    2. Joint Staff Pentagon personnel will not require a visit request, but must have their security team contact JSSO-HR Customer Support to be added to security database.
    3. Personnel attending virtual class do not require a visit request.  We will validate your access via SIPRNet email.
    4. Students attending training at locations other than JDTC must contact that location's POC for their security requirements.
    5. The POC was provided during the registration process.  Contact JDTC Registrar if you need the information retransmitted
  3. Common errors that will invalidate your JDTC visit request.
    1. Providing wrong or no POC- Daniel Walker.
    2. Providing the wrong SMO Code - DDJ0214 JSSO-HR-DDJ0214-1.
    3. Not ensuring correct clearance and access reflected in request.  This often occurs with newly assigned personnel or those with multiple persona (Mil/Civ/Res/Guard).
  4. Direct questions concerning the transmission or receipt of a JDTC visit authorization request to JSSO-HR Customer Support at (757) 203- 7029/7401 or CONUS DSN 668-7029/7401.
  5. Personnel assigned to commands or organizations without DISS access may fax a visit authorization request, prepared on command or organizational letterhead.  Request must be signed by visitor’s Security Manager or Facility Security Officer and processed a minimum of 14-days prior to expected visit.  Fax visit authorization request to (757) 203-7512.

See 'Need To Know' Info For Attending Training section of main webpage for other essential information.

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