GCCS-J COP Basic-Agile Client Class Information
Course: GCCS-J COP Basic Operator Course - Agile Client
Event ID: XT22-0131
Start Date:   7/25/2022     End Date:   7/29/2022
Currently Available Seats:  8
Location:  JDTC-Resident-Ft Eustis
Bldg:  849     Room:  11
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GCCS-J COP Basic-Agile Client Course Details

Prerequisite:   The prerequisite is available via the Joint Knowledge Online (JKO) Portal online. To access the JKO portal, go to https://jkodirect.jten.mil/Atlas2/page/login/Login.jsf and take the course JDTC-SA-1101, GCCS-J COP Basic Operator Overview.
Description:   Provides the Joint Force with extensive instructor-led hands-on and scenario-based instruction utilizing GCCS-J COP on the Agile Client platform. This course covers basic situational awareness, display features and functions, map products and symbols, manipulation of the tactical display, tracks routes, overlays, analysis and planning aids, theater ballistic missile defense, and planning and readiness.

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