Customer Requested Instruction (CRI) or Support (CRS)

Welcome to the Joint Deployment Training Center - Customer Requested Instruction (CRI) and/or Support (CRS) page.

Customer Requested Instruction (CRI) is tailored instruction - customized to unit/organization/PME Institution - specific training needs, requirements, topics or educational products.

Customer Requested Support (CRS) is SME support and/or over-the-shoulder training for contingency operations or hands-on exercise participation.

If looking for JDTC provided courses for Joint Deployment, Global Force Management, or Situational Awareness, please go to the Student Center.

Requesting organizations are required to fund travel for JDTC Mobile Training Teams.

If you have any questions about this funding requirement, instruction or host support requirement before placing your request; please contact:

  JDTC Chief of Training and Registrar
( js.pentagon.j7.mbx.jdtc-registrar@mail.mil )

To submit your Instruction or Support request, please click:  

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